Sunday, August 31, 2014

the events of our lives are like something out of a cheesy christian novel.
though this novel is still being written.
what i have been pondering is whether or not to publish on this blog the horrible things said about me. the emails from "brothers/sisters" in the Lord. one of them basically thanking us for not going to their church any more.
you may be able to tell all ready that I need to forgive.
what i would like to do is just give a recap of what has happened since my last real blog entry here. with the focus being primarily on the past few months and weeks.
what i wont and cannot do is name any particular person/church.

in 2011 3 things were removed from my/our lives (i say "our" because my kids are included)
1. my wife of 17 years
2. my job of 7 years
3. our home of 14 years

4 kids, no home, no job
managed to keep it together through public assistance, church help, unemployment, and the occasional part time job.
God is, has been and always will be good.

i am making a long story very short. maybe i will write a book one day.
the choice was made to move in a lousy, three bedroom apartment in Nashua. i did this so my kids would be within walking distance of their mom.
I finally got a decent paying job in March of this year 2014. was only there 3 months and was laid off.
part of it was lack of work, but truth be told... i am not firing on all cylinders and am praying for the Lord to restore my mind, stamina and lift me from the fog of battle that has been the past couple years.
when i was let go in May, it went downhill fast.
My former landlord was charging me $5.00 a day late fees. there was no recovering from this.

the eviction process was rather quick. we ended up in a "transitional" housing. it is a decent program but still
very humbling and difficult. especially for my kids who have already been through enough.

 here is where is gets difficult to talk about.

for the past 6-7 years i have been attending a church i loved. these people had known my X and I and probably saved my life.
but the distance and the time to travel started becoming an issue.
so, i found a church closer to home in May, though i still consider this other church my "home"
i sought help from people of both churches. let my needs be known 2+ weeks in advance. just boots on the ground type of help... people, boxes, trucks, ect.
the pastor of the new church completely ignored my request... it was heartbreaking to have something offered, call to accept the offer and then ignored completely.  i know some would want to question or debate this part... but i am telling you the truth.
the other group was supposed to announce and organize.  no-one ever called me, asked for more details or updated me.
moving day came.... 2 guys with a small pickup showed up with only an hour to spare.
if it were not for another brother who just happened to show up i would have been totally screwed.
everything depended on this day... this move... this promised group of volunteers.
so to say i was angry is in understatement.
I decided i would find an "anonymous"  venue to vent my frustrations. i should have just came here and not on FB.
one guy knew me on this forum and decided to chastise me (he was right on some points)
but before i knew it i was getting nasty PM's. "how dare you" bla bla bla
i was also getting unexpected sympathy from others in the forum.
people started offering me money. i didnt ask, it was not my intention.... but it seemed that the Lord was placing me on the hearts of some people. and lets face.... i do need the help
i thought the responsible thing to do was to give the address of my church so that people would know that I and the situation was real and truthful.
what happened next was beyond my ability to control
I got more angry PM's from some in my church that i mentioned the church secretary's name.  stupid of me i know... i just wasnt sure how to handle offers of help from strangers.
so... not only did i remove the post, but i deleted my FB because it was such a source of trouble that I just didnt know how to handle.... i have enough on my plate.
the next thing ya know... i am accused of running a scam, or stealing.
it was horrible. and to make matters worse my daughter.... who has had a phony FB account to "spy" on her mom... saw me distraught, knew everything that was going on and decided she would defend me online.
that did not go too well.
some of these people in this "christian" forum are awful.
i even gave my phone number and the number of my church was posted as well
did you know that people are saying that these perfectly valid numbers are fake?!?! no-one even bothered to call and validate. like a frenzy they all just fed a lie amongst themselves.
yes... i am from Nigeria and have this elaborate scam.
the truth is. i live in a shelter with my 2 youngest children. my older son is with his brother and my beloved dogs are in a shelter.
i need a job, a better vehicle and a new church closer to us.
this is the truth. this is where we are at now.
most of all, we need prayer, love and grace from those who claim to know Him.

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