Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I recently responded to a post that a wonderful brother in the Lord had on his myspace

i thought i would share that post here:

God is is not! His people have been bickering about this one for years!which often times tells me that no-one has cornered the market on this.i have witnessed debates where you would end up agreeing with whoever was speaking!i was saved during a burglary arrest in 1990. that night and the subsequent nights after, i went through a period of extreme repentance. to say i was overwhelmed by the flashing memories of all i'd done and the sinner i truly was is an understatement.before my conversion i had had dreams about God chasing me. i knew just enough about Him to fear Him! and that night i was arrested (rescued!) i gave my life to after that first full day in jail i wept with my face in my hands...then i prayed out loud in words i could not understand.this is the truth, and i know experience does not superceed scripture, but when His holy presence visited me in that place....i was never to be the same.when i relayed this story to the prison chaplain he became extatic.told me i was "baptised in the Spirit" upon my release from prison i ended up in a charismatic church. much of my theology was based on this type of stuff...i always new something was wrong, when i had heard preachers say "stand up and prophecyto the person on your left" or when i was "healed" from a bad back as they stretched my legi questioned many things.the last straw came for me last yeari became exposed to "reformed" teaching about 2 years ago.i even payed for and dragged my AG pastor to the true church conference in Muscle ShoalsAlabama 2007! upon our return i asked this Pastor if i could teach a class (up to this time i had been worship leader) he decided to have me teach on the beliefs of the assembly of God. one of the points on the list was the fact that they believe that the baptism of the Holy Spirit is evidenced my the speaking in tongues. i couldn't do it...i left the church shortly after that and i will never belong to another AG.i believe like the first post...i think God can overwhelm a person from time to time, and the responce to His presence can vary from person to person. but i do not think it is the norm.nor do i lean on this experience now....i am closer to Him now more than ever. though there are still times in my life when i am lost in prayer and find myself uttering in tongues.i think churches that focus on the gifts are wrong....and i think churches that say "NO WAY" to the gifts are wrong. the answer/balance is somewhere in between.that is why i am more comfortable in a church where they leave that up to the individual, but where the "gifts of the Spirit" on not in operation during a typical service

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