Tuesday, July 22, 2008

new here

hey world!
i am new at this. i am from the southern NH area and have had trouble finding a decent church.
i think i have finally found one...i'll let ya know
i will probably start a log and discuss some of the wildest experiences i have had. i am sure there are many many more....i would love to hear some of them! let me be clear here...my goal is not to cause trouble or division, i think people need to talk and share about the abusive things that have happened to them. my goal is to see restoration in the lives of disillusioned people. you are not alone. the cliques, arrogant pastors, militant homeschoolers, and just plain weird people have caused so much damage in the name of Christianity. and i think we can pin down the main reasons here and help each other.
as far as churches go...good ones are hard to find, especially around here. the biggest problem i see is the lack of good sound biblical teaching. Proper soteriology, and the doctrines of Grace are lacking... desperately lacking. this is more than an issue of preference. these things are essential.
if you are in a church that is "you" focused... "your happiness, your prosperity, your gifts as opposed to "your sinfullness before a Holy God" then get out....if you prefer that stuff then you are not a child of God. you can never truly be born again until you see your depravity.
if you are in a church that is focused on gifts and miracle, get out and learn the true miracles of God.... how He regenerates a lost, horrible creature into a prize of grace.
if your focus is "doctrine, doctrine, doctrine, boy are we smart!" as opposed to reaching the lost...
please evaluate your walk and consider the great commission.
if your churches focus is "women must wear dresses...KJV only....certain beats of music are evil"
get out of that church.....reactionary theology is very dangerous (in my opinion)
please feel free to discuss things that have happened to you, and share how God got you through,
and if you need prayer...please indicate.

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