Friday, July 25, 2008

drunken christians and prozac, zanax ECT!

Ephesians 5:1: And do not be drunk with wine, in which is dissipation; but be filled with the Spirit

I think most Christians agree that drunkenness is wrong. a sinful practice that leads to physical harm, destroys lives and families.
some may differ on consumption of alcohol being sinful. some say you should never drink....some say it's OK to drink, but not in excess....others still say that we have the grace to drink, but why do it? why drink in front of nonbelievers? some good discussions to be long as we don't divide.
so we all agree in one degree or another that over consumption of drugs is harmful, YET!!!

there is what i would consider to be an epidemic of Christians taking Psychotropic drugs. my unscientific survey results are 95% of christian (mostly women) are on something.
you can usually tell. My wife is funny, because she will generally ask to verify the obvious.
out of the 10-20 pastors we have met in the last couple years, almost all of them had wives that were on a prescribed mental health drug.

call me crazy (sorry for the pun) but "Houston....we have a problem!"
when you discuss this with these people it is also the same reply, "oh...i agree with you that
this type of thing is over diagnosed, but "OUR" situation is real" they all say it! it's an epidemic!
one pastor i know speaks of it as if it is an awesome testimony
"my wife Mary Lynn was always angry....would fight over the littlest things, would explode with temper, then praise God she was correctly diagnosed and healed with this medicine that she needs to take for the rest of her life" he also confided in me that you can tell within a day if she hadn't taken it. isn't that sad?
really? give me a break! did her anger issues have anything to do with how horrible a husband you are/were? maybe the years of you visiting strip clubs and your verbal abuse did some damage? maybe the Lord is trying to work out things in her life that are now suppressed.
this woman in was obvious in 5 minutes if meeting her that she is medicated.
nice lady, don't get me wrong, but in a drug induced state.

i have heard all the arguments..."your a diabetic and you need your's the same thing"

really? so if you lost your job and insurance how long would her health decline to the point of hospitalization? give me a break!
what about believers in 3rd world countries? how many of them "need" to be on zanax?
when the red cross or doctors go to these poverty stricken places, do you think they are carrying these type of drugs for emergency/long term health?
God gave man wisdom...He also gave us medicine, of that i am certain. and there are some people who may need to remain on certain drugs the rest of their lives (this is the open door everyone uses!) it must be the exception though (again...everyone on these drugs think they are that exception!) this fact SCREAMS!!! that it is a deception. PLEASE!!! if i am describing you

let the Lord work in your life, seek counsel from a godly brother or sister and ask Him to heal you. i must emphasize here though...DON'T TRY THIS ALONE!!! this is a burden too difficult to handle on your own. only if you are in fellowship with other beleivers or spouce who will come along side you to help should you seek to get off a medication
my wife is a great example of this. without getting into her hurtful past, she had/has issues in her life. when were first met she would have explosions of the point were she would strike me with closed fists! she had all these "saints" tell her to see a psychiatrist!!! can you believe that? what is wrong with us today? we would place the hurting souls of brothers and sisters in the hands of godless people (yea...i know all about the "christian" psychologists, that subject is for another blog entry!)

anyway... she resisted those people...resisted her doctors and complied with my request that she refrain from taking any of these medications.(again...i am not "anti-med") and God has done what He promised! (Phil 1:6)

is she perfect? no....does she need more healing? yes! she would never have what she has now if she gave in. what she has now is so glorious, so awesome because it is a work of the Holy Spirit in her life. why would a "Christian" want any less?

was it easy? it easy now? well, it is easier now than before and it continues to improve.
what is the outcome?
let's compare
1. with the meds, man gets the glory. man's wisdom has curtailed the problem of a behavioral issue
2. without the meds, God gets the glory! through prayer and counsel and the tenacity involved with crucifying the flesh...God works in the heart of a person. and they are truly changed

i know that this is maybe a little simplistic...maybe it needs to be?

i am just asking you....if you do indeed belong to Him ( i think that this is probably the main problem)
if you have repented and placed your trust in Jesus, then PLEASE!!! instead of convincing yourself that your one of the people who genuinely need this medication ask yourself if your not!
we all need to examine ourselves:
2 Corinthians 13:5: Examine yourselves, whether ye be in the faith; prove your own selves. Know ye not your own selves, how that Jesus Christ is in you, except ye be reprobates?

this would be hard to do if you are in a drug induced fog....
please seek council... He can do it in your life if you let Him

during those dark times in my marriage, don't you think i was tempted to just tell my wife,
"please take something!!" i am the one who would have benefited from that! less arguing, more intimacy...but just as Christ is our husband and wants His best for His bride, we husbands need to be the same

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