Thursday, July 24, 2008

testimony time

i was thinking about testimonies today.

imagine the testimony of a martyr...(rev:12:11)

yet, when i hear and consider the testimonies of those who profess Christ they seem to follow a similar pattern or group.

why must people embellish their testimonies?

here is an example....before i was saved i was a criminal. i broke into houses and stole whatever i could carry. this was my life for around 4 years.

i could tell this in 2 ways:

1. i was a career expert at disabling alarms and knowing what to steal. people looked up to me and feared me because i was a dark, ominous individual. yes...i had it all, money so much money! girls, parties, drugs, was i the bomb! then God gotta hold of me!

2. i was a bum who couldn't hold a job for a couple years....i stole things from people when they weren't home. a 2 bit thief that would come into your home when you were gone and steal the ring your dead grandmother gave you...just to pawn it for 10-15 bucks so i could get a case of beer. then i finally got busted and put in jail where i belonged...during that arrest the Lord
showed me the darkness and depravity of my soul.

do you see the difference?

i went to the True Church Conference in Muscle Shoals Alabama last year. my former pastor accompanied me and i witnessed one of the worst examples of this, which is what originally got me to start noticing these things.
we were at a table with Don Currin and his lovely wife. i did not know who Don was at this time, for he is truly a humble man. when he mentioned that he was an evangelist i became excited and wanted to pick this guy's brain for at least an hour. some how my pastor dominated the conversation.... "i had a house this size once, the Lord had me downsize" "i was making so much money, i gave it up for the Lord" "my son was in a coma, because the Lord was calling me to serve Him"
i watched in horror as my new friends got up an buddy had no clue

as if we do God a favor by "choosing" Him instead of the world....
God saves us by showing us our sinfullness, not by hurting or killing our children
and He is not impressed by what we give up. WHO CARES????
if you are giving up your life, facing horrible persecution, or jailed for preaching the gospel
then we can talk.
PLEASE!!!! let's be honest...if you are saved, truly saved, it is because God
took a vile creature and recreated him...period.

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